The Planets, as a band, were formed in early 2001 and their first album, 'Classical Graffiti' was released on EMI in February 2002, going straight into the UK classsical chart at number 1 and staying in that position for a full three months. The eight piece band - who perform using a mixture of electric rock and classical techniques and influences, are the most musically stimulating band to come via the crossover/fusion genre that seems to have been founded on Vanessa and continued through Bond. (Actually my idea to form them came more from 80s band Sky and Dutch band Flairk).

This step involved moving away from the backing-tracks-and-hairspray approach to classical pop fusions, and finding a band who could really play live, without any extra audio being pumped in there with them. The effect is thrilling (but it's a pity that I should need to comment on the uniqueness of this unassisted live ethic - it being so unusual). As I write this note on 14th May 2003 we have just completed a short tour of the States. Last year we were in Japan and South East Asia generally, and the band are currently stronger than ever. New oboist Anna Pennington, from Texas, and bassist Lucy Shaw have stepped it all up a notch, and the recent half hour TV special for MHZ - performed live from start to finish - is a testimonial to how good they have become.