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Ben Dickey and Drew Mills formed Blood Feathers in 2005 to perpetuate America’s most important export, Rock ‘n’ Roll music. Sailing the same tradewinds that brought rhythm to the New World and shipped gospel, blues, and jazz back as a thank you note, Dickey and Mills write songs that snug into the grooves of your grandmother’s 78s as easily as they download into the mystery of your iPod.

Both new band bachelors, Ben Dickey (Amen Booze Rooster, Shake Ray Turbine) and Drew Mills (Aspera, Benjy Ferree) came together and wrote their first record, Curse and Praise, in less than a week. Philebrity, the media outlet for all things Philadelphia, immediately recognized the debut as, “one for the ages,” but the album only reached a small audience, and was recently cited in Relix magazine as, “an overlooked gem; packed with highly melodic ‘60s / early ‘70s guitar-rock, imagistic lyrics, and subtle harmonies.”

While some bands may have lamented their album falling through the cracks, Blood Feathers have taken the opportunity to further hone their craft. Dickey and Mills continue to write songs by the bushel and have reformed the band with a stellar lineup that includes Mickey Walker (Lilys, Mazarin), Tracy Stanton (Bardo Pond, Matt Pond PA), Patrick Marsceill (A-Sides, Sun Airway), and Sam Murphy (Pink Skull, Mountain High). Preened and cleaned, this new version of Blood Feathers was recently recognized by the Washington Post as one of their “Top Ten Live Bands of 2010.”

With Blood Feathers once more ready to take wing, eyes and ears are cast skyward in lofty expectation.
Sweet Little Lullaby
Don't You Know At All