Heatseekerz are a New York based songwriting/production duo consisting of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native Picasso Brown and London, England born Paolo. These dynamic Producers, Singer/Songwriters formed their partnership in 2009 at the suggestion of Trevor Gale, Senior Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations for SESAC, a US based performance rights society of which they are both affiliated. Gale recognized that combining their individual talents in a collaborative effort would be explosive. As a result, the duo have since spent time building a catalogue of over 40 radio-ready songs specializing in POP, Hip Hop/R&B and has been gaining strong interest from major labels and artists from U.S and Europe.

At the turn of 2010, Heatseekerz signed a Publishing deal with Dramatico and are currently exploring opportunities with a number of major labels to house their production imprint.

 Only You
Did U Wrong